Beyond the Horizon (e-book: epub)

  • Beyond the Horizon (e-book: epub)
  • Beyond the Horizon (e-book: epub)
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    Full title: Beyond the Horizon: practical guide to developing competitive project proposals in Horizon 2020
    Authors: Ilina Hristova, M.A., Ivica Ilić, M.A., Aljoša Kocjančič, Damjan Struna, M.Sc., Mojca Dušica Zajc, Ph.D.
    Format: e-book (epub version)
    Publisher: RR & CO. Knowledge Centre Ltd. (first edition: 2014)
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-961-93780-1-4 (ePub)

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    This book presents the complex process of proposal preparation and project implementation in a simple and user-friendly way. It is a starting point for your understanding and better success in Horizon 2020. It helps you understand each part of the project proposal and gives you some useful hints on what you are expected to present in each section. It gives you an insight into project implementation and project management.

    After the analysis of the bigger picture, the book explains the entire process of project proposal preparation based on the standard proposal template for Research and Innovation Actions as well as on the standard proposal template for Innovation Actions in Horizon 2020. The template for the proposal is analysed in detail. The last sections are dedicated to grant preparation and project implementation, which follow the positive evaluation.

    Horizon 2020 is European Commission’s largest funding instrument for research and innovation projects. A large number of project proposals for each of the calls are received and only a few get financed. Evaluation criteria are very strict and competition is becoming tougher with every new call in Horizon 2020. It is expected that the overall success rate of the first calls for proposals in Horizon 2020 will hardly exceed 10%.

    Content (chapters):

      • Grant funding
      • Research, Development, Innovation
      • Horizon 2020 structure
      • Circle of logic in research & innovation projects
      • Gender and sex analysis
    • IMPACT
      • Expected impact
      • Indicators
      • Communication, dissemination, exploitation
      • What is work plan?
      • How to get from the project idea to a detailed work plan?
      • What is the WBS Method?
      • Which are the key characteristics of a Work Package?
      • How many work packages, tasks and deliverables do you need in your project?
      • Project management
      • Risks
      • Consortium description
      • Individual partner descriptions
      • What are grants?
      • Eligible and non-eligible costs
      • Direct costs
      • Indirect costs
      • In-kind contributions
      • Budget
      • Eligibility criteria
      • Selection criteria
      • Award criteria
      • Complaints procedure
      • Gathering the information
      • What is financial viability check?
      • Preparation of the description of work
      • The timing of the grant preparation
      • Consortium agreement
      • Grant agreement
      • Implementation

    About the authors:

    • Ilina Hristova, M.A., is an experienced consultant, project proposal developer, project manager and lecturer with particular interest in international research and innovation projects. She works in close cooperation with technical and scientific coordinators from across Europe from the moment of project inception to its successful completion. At present, she helps the coordinators in managing several FP7 projects and is already assisting consortia round Europe in preparing Horizon 2020 proposals. The knowledge and experience Ilina has shared with hundreds of participants at our seminars, workshops and EU Grant Academy© in different EU countries has also found its place in this book. She has also published a number of articles on topics related to EU grant funding and research projects in different regionally recognized professional magazines.
    • Ivica Ilić, M.A., is an experienced consultant for grant funding. He obtained master degree in Comparative local development at University of Trento. He has 13 years of valuable experiences, starting at a regional NGO in Serbia, up to his current position at RR & CO. His extensive experience includes Pre-Accession Funds (IPA), writing project proposals, implementing projects, project administration, reporting, monitoring and evaluation of projects and research and development. He is also an expert consultant for public procurement based on PRAG procedures. Ivica regularly lectures on preparation and implementation of projects for different target groups in EU and Western Balkan countries.
    • Aljoša Kocjančič has extensive experience in preparing successful project proposals. He is an expert in the field of financial management of grant-funded projects (budget preparation and justification of the costs, preparation of in-depth analysis of managing financial support documentation), implementation of full-cost model of indirect costs to various organizations, administrative and financial management of projects, preparation for ex-post and ex-ante project audit controls, pre-audit of eligible costs and related cost documentation for different programmes. He has experience in project control for the Slovenian Technology Agency and in implementation of financial control of Structural Funds. He is administratively and financially coordinating large international projects in FP7. In recent years, Aljoša carried out many workshops and lectures, covering a variety of topics from his field of expertise for different groups.
    • Damjan Struna, M.Sc., is an experienced consultant, project proposal developer, project proposal evaluator and lecturer. In 2006 he obtained his master’s degree in International Economics from University of Ljubljana. He has extensive working experience in the preparation of project proposals in FP6, FP7, H2020, EUREKA and EUROSTARS and, Structural funds, and in performing financial controls of Structural Funds projects. He has held a number of lectures, seminars and workshops on topics related to grant funding including practical trainings in duration of over 100 hours all over EU and Western Balkans. He has also published a number of articles on EU grant funding in different regionally recognized professional magazines.
    • Mojca Dušica Zajc, Ph.D., is Director of consulting and knowledge transfer at RR & CO., and a senior consultant with over 12 years of experience. Her Ph.D. focuses on opportunities and challenges of cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and public research organizations with the focus on innovative capacities of SMEs. She successfully consults companies and research organisation on the topic of grant funding for research, development and innovation through centralized and decentralized programmes. She has been an administrative and financial coordinator in several projects. Mojca is an expert in the field of analysis of implementation of programme evaluations; she is an experienced evaluator of project proposals for the Slovenian Technology Agency and for the cross-border cooperation programme. She is the author or co-author of several books, handbooks and articles. She led various workshops and held numerous lectures related to the preparation and implementation of grant funded projects and lectured at practical trainings in EU member states and West Balkan Countries.

    About the publisher

    RR & CO. Knowledge Centre Ltd. is internationally recognized consultancy company in the field of obtaining and managing grant funding. For over 23 years, it has worked with many companies, research organisations and different private and public bodies. The company has over 165 person-years of experience in the field of obtaining grant funding and managing projects. It is known as a steady and trustworthy partner, highly dedicated to the creation of added value to its clients’ business.

    Among other comprehensive services related to grant funding, RR & CO. Ltd. offers high quality assistance in increasing clients’ absorption capacity. Clients appreciate its experts’ in-depth knowledge and practical experience of all the administrative and financial aspects of obtaining EU grants and favourable subsidised loans.

    RR & CO. Ltd. offers a diversified range of solutions for those applying for funds (Final Beneficiaries), as well as those distributing, monitoring and managing EU funding programmes (Managing Authorities). The company also provides its own innovative information systems: EFAMT® and iPASS©.

    RR & CO. Ltd. participated as a coordinator or a partner in more than 30 projects: in FP5, FP6, FP7, EUREKA, national research programmes and programmes financed through the Structural Funds. RR & CO.’s own research and development activities have been also funded through different grant funding programmes. Its own innovative development creates a first-hand experience that enables further expansion of the company’s activities and its recognition around Europe. Its knowledge and experiences are passed on to the participants of the EU Grant Academy© who also receive an exclusive EU Grant Academy© Handbook (3 editions since 2011). The same knowledge and experience is shared with the readers of this book.


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